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Robotics Business Review Recognizes ULC Robotics as Global Robotics Influencer

Robotics Business Review (RBR) has named ULC Robotics as one of the most influential companies within the global robotics industry for the fourth year running.

Each year RBR reviews hundreds of competitive submissions before selecting fifty of the most innovative and transformative companies that have achieved success in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. Each company is recognized for its success and potential within the industry, indicating the future of robotics as a whole.

For 2019, companies were selected from commercial and industrial robotics categories, including component makers, collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, artificial intelligence, healthcare and service robotics, and more.

Chosen for its groundbreaking work conducted in the previous year, ULC Robotics’ technologies continue to advance both the energy utility and robotics industries.

“We are excited to have been included in the RBR50 for 2019,” says Gregory Penza, President & CEO at ULC Robotics. “It is an honor to be named alongside so many influential and inspirational companies.”

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ULC Robotics

About ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics is a leader in developing and deploying innovative robotic technology and processes that help pipeline operators and energy companies repair, inspect and assess their infrastructure. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems.

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