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ULC Robotics Invests in STEM Development Through Middlesbrough College Partnership

ULC Robotics has partnered with Middlesbrough College to bring new career opportunities to their apprenticeship and training company, Northern Skills Group.

Students studying specialist engineering and mechanics will gain experience through hands-on work on robotic technologies used for servicing natural gas, electric, and other energy utilities. Northern Skills Group will work with ULC Robotics to ensure that the program offers training which would provide the students with strong technical skills and allow them to move into high-value jobs.

Graeme Cleeton, VP of Operations at ULC Robotics, hails from Middlesbrough and looks forward to mentoring the students.

“I’m passionate about offering the next generation opportunities, and our sector must invest in skills development to ensure we have a sustainable future,” says Cleeton. “We’re excited to be partnering with Northern Skills Group to develop a program that will give us the skills and knowledge to keep innovating and adding value to our clients.”

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ULC Robotics is a leader in developing and deploying innovative robotic technology and processes that help pipeline operators and energy companies repair, inspect and assess their infrastructure. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems.

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