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ULC Robotics and Cadent Expand CISBOT Deployments in London

This week Cadent, Britain’s largest gas distribution network, announced it is expanding deployments of CISBOT across their North London network at an interactive innovation and technology showcase held at London’s City Hall.

In 2018, CISBOT was used to remediate large diameter cast iron gas mains in two of London’s busiest locations – Oxford Street and The Strand.

“CISBOT’s work in The Strand and Oxford Street last year was so successful that we’re now rolling the robots out across our London network, where they’ll help us to do work faster, smoother and more economically than ever before,” says James Harrison, Head of Operations for London at Cadent.

In coming weeks, Cadent is planning on having CISBOT remediate large diameter cast iron joints in London boroughs such as City of London, Camden, Kensington and Islington among others.

Deployments of CISBOT in London and other cities in the UK and US are not just delivering benefits to gas networks, but also to city council members, gas customers and other stakeholders such as less reinstatement and scarring of the roadways, less noise and no disruption of gas supply.

“We hate big trenches dug through our highways that create weak spots and scarring,” says Jonathan Rowing, Head of Highways Inspectorate, City Highways at City of Westminster. “Cadent’s use of CISBOT has delivered smaller reinstatements in the roadways and enables works to be carried out any time of year with the gas on and little impact to the public.”

For more information read coverage of the event in Network Magazine.

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