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Drone Inspection Services for the Utility, Energy and Industrial Industry

Unmanned aerial inspections and surveys of difficult to access structures and pipelines allow for safe, efficient and high quality visual and sensor assessments of transmission and distribution towers, bridges, buildings and pipelines; or as a damage assessment tool. Using aircraft designed and built from the ground up by our Aerial Services and engineering teams, ULC Robotics works with the utility and energy industry to develop applications for UAV technology, conduct test flights and carry out drone utility inspection services.

drone utility inspection services

Why We're Different

Drone Utility Inspection Services

Safer flights. Better Data. Actionable insights.

Industry Experience

ULC Robotics brings nearly 20 years of technology development and robotics-as-a-service expertise into our drone utility inspection services. We understand utilities and how to deliver work safely.

uas power plant inspection services

uas machine learning development

Machine Learning

To streamline data review and processing, our team can build proprietary machine learning platforms designed around your inspection requirements and criteria.

US-Built UAS

Our team deploys purpose-built, fault-tolerant UAS that were developed by our engineers and pilots to deliver safer, more reliable flights while protecting critical utility data.

Fault-Tolerant Design

High Reliability

Built-in Redundancy

us-built unmanned aerial services

custom-built VTOL UAS

We’re a Team of Builders

We’re always innovating. Our engineering team develops custom UAS and payloads to meet the needs of utility, energy and industrial inspections through research and development.

Ready to Talk?

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UAS Application Areas

uas electric line inspection services

Electric T&D System Inspections

Our team works with electric utilities to conduct drone utility inspections of transmission and distribution assets to improve system reliability and identify outages waiting to happen.

uas offshore inspection services

Offshore UAS Inspection

Our team deploys UAS for offshore applications such as inspection of offshore wind turbine foundation inspections.

Read the Case Study

electric substation aerial inspection

Substation and Generation Plant Inspections

In addition to conducting UAS inspection of lines, poles and towers, ULC Robotics’ pilots expertly execute missions near sensitive facilities such as power generation stations and substations.

Read the Case Study

custom developed drone

Utility UAS Research & Development

We partner with utility and industrial companies to develop new UAS applications, payloads, sensors and custom-built aircraft to meet industry needs.

Our R&D Capabilities

uav emergency response

UAS Emergency Response

ULC’s highly trained pilots respond to a wide range of emergency scenarios involving post-storm response, downed lines, outages and more.

Learn about our work with PSEG Long Island

Gas Leak Detection and Gas Utility Inspection

ULC Aerial Services offers a complete range of UAV inspection services for gas utility transmission and distribution assets as well as the aerial inspection of LNG tanks. We conduct safe and efficient unmanned aerial inspection flights to gather critical pipeline data through the use of specialized methane detection sensors and customized visual imaging devices.

Relevant Links, Case Studies and White Papers:

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Case Study: Using AI and UAS for Autonomous Inspection of Offshore Wind Foundations

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Case Study: Drone Inspection of Under-Bridge Pipeline Assets

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Case Study: Using UAS to Enhance Electric Transmission Line Reliability

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