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Direct Assessment of Cased Pipeline Segments

Using our Magnetic Cased Crawler (MCC) our team provides pipeline operators with a live, high resolution inspection of cased pipeline segments. The remote controlled, tethered robot allows our team to directly assess cased pipe from within the annular space to locate damaged spacers, shorts and determine the condition of carrier pipeline coating. It can also verify if debris or water have infiltrated the casing, acquire spot wall thickness measurements and measure the temperature and humidity from within the annulus.

Robotic Cased Pipeline Inspection: Key Benefits

01. Real-Time, High Resolution Video

A real-time feed of video from the crawler can be viewed during the inspection and provided on DVD for post-inspection review.

02. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Data can be measured through various types of coatings including coal tar TGF-3, enamels and epoxies and PE two-layer coatings such as PRITEC.

03. Advanced Video Measurement

Debris, damage and pipeline features are accurately measured using specialized software.

04. Ultra-Compact Crawler

The MCC  measures 1″ tall and is capable of traveling in tight annular spaces and past common spacer types and debris.

05. Additional Sensor Data

Sensors can measure circumferential location as well as the temperature and humidity of the annular space.

06. Data and Reporting

In addition to providing recorded video, our team also produces detailed reports that help you better understand the condition of your cased pipeline.

robotic cased pipeline inspection

Cased Pipeline Inspection Examples

magnetic casing pipe robot

cased pipeline inspection

delaminated coating pipe

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