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No-Dig Method of Critical Valve Box Detection and Raising

During municipal street repaving projects or sidewalk repair, it is not uncommon for contractors to pave over the valve boxes and test stations that gas networks require access to in order to monitor corrosion control, perform maintenance or access during emergency situations. The team at ULC has developed a new process that accurately locates paved-over valve boxes and raises them back to the street level.

In as little as two hours, our No-Dig Valve Box Raising Process can restore the valve box to grade at a greatly reduced cost when compared to traditional methods.

No-Dig Valve Box Raising: Key Benefits

01. Reduce Costs

With utility construction costs on the rise, this method alleviates the need for traditional street openings, gas utilities reduce construction costs and eliminate the need to purchase street opening permits.

02. Accurate Locating of Infrastructure

Existing methods of coring over valve boxes sometimes results in damaged valve boxes and test station boxes due. Our methodology allows for accurate locating to avoid damage to the box.

03. Minimizes Public Disruption

Our process significantly reduces time-in-street to minimize lane closures and traffic backups. With no heavy construction equipment on site, No-Dig Valve Box Raising also reduces noise disruption.

04. Reduce Carbon Footprint of Utility Activities

The No-Dig Valve Box Raising process is performed entirely without the use of heavy construction machinery to minimize the environmental impact of utility activities.

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