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No-Dig Anode Installation

No-Dig Anode Installation (NDAI) allows ULC Robotics’ crews or utility companies to install one or more 17-pound anodes on steel services and mains through the existing valve box test stations or curb valve boxes. The entire process is accomplished without the need to excavate, eliminating the need for street opening permits and associated costs. It greatly decreases disruption to the public and reduces environmental impact. The anode installation can be accomplished with a two man crew in less than 2 1/2 hours using nothing more than a simple set of hand tools.

No-Dig Anode Installation: Key Benefits

01. More Time Efficient

Our patented no-dig method allows our team to reduce the amount of time it takes to install anodes.

02. Reduce the Cost of Compliance

Since NDAI does not require street opening permits or heavy equipment, we greatly reduce project costs.

03. Minimizes Public Disruption

NDAI work sites are minimally sized to greatly reduce disruption to the public.

04. Reduce Carbon Footprint of Utility Activities

By avoiding the use of carbon-heavy construction vehicles, the NDAI process minimizes environmental impact of cathodic protection.

The patented No-Dig Anode Installation Process can be licensed by utility companies for use by their internal workforce or contractors performing work for the specific utility company. ULC Robotics will provide equipment and training. Contact us for details.

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Protected under US Patent 7,235,961

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