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Remove the Burden of Mandated Meter Exchange Programs and Reduce Costs Using Our Turnkey Technical Service

State regulatory agencies mandate utility companies to periodically test and exchange gas and electric meters, putting a heavy burden on utility resources. ULC Energy Services can provide you with a complete turnkey solution that helps reduce this burden and lower operating costs of meter exchange programs.

All of our services are performed by highly experienced technicians who are operator qualified by Con Edison Company of NY and the Northeast Gas Association to perform all aspects of meter exchanges including relights, integrity tests, leak investigations and bypass CNG. ULC Energy Services provides the greatest level of safety, customer support, accuracy, quality and technical experience while meeting your goals every day.

Meter Exchanges and Technical Services Overview

01. Quality Assurance and Supervision

In order to ensure the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, our supervisors conduct daily quality assessments and safety meetings. Our call center also performs daily QA follow-up calls and sends prepaid QA cards to customers. Monthly QA and safety meetings with all supervisors, technicians and call center personnel are conducted by ULC management.

02. Value in Every Step

From the point when we receive the meter list, to our automated reporting methods provided after our trained technicians execute daily work – ULC Energy Services provides value in every step of the meter exchange process.


03. Data Management

ULC Energy Services develops, operates and manages a turnkey meter program management software customized to the requirements of your meter program. This software generates a file of completed work information that instantly updates new meter exchange data directly to your company’s GIS server.

04. Emergency Response

Our team is available to assist with the wide range of critical tasks to restore service to your customers after outages including turn-ons, turn-offs, relights, regulator replacements and vent replacements.

Technical Services

Our team is trained to provide a complete meter exchange service for gas and electric utility customers. Technicians are capable of safely performing the following services:

  • AMR Meter Program Exchanges
  • AMR and Smart Grid Meter Installations
  • Standard Annual Meter Exchange Programs
  • Gas Conversion Meter Installations
  • ERT Installations and Meter Upgrades
  • New Business Meters
  • Integrity Testing
  • ERT Installations
  • Emergency Outage Response
  • CNG Bypasses
  • Leak Investigation
  • Regulator Replacement
  • Storm Recovery Services
  • Continuous Bird Dogging
  • No Access Reporting
  • Integrated Completed Work Reporting and Invoicing
  • Appliance Relights
  • Report of Irregular Condition Investigations (RICs)
  • Gas Service Turn-Ons
  • Vault Inspections
  • Building of Public Assembly Inspections (BOPAs)
  • High Pressure Regulator Inspections
  • Main Valve Inspections

Administrative Services

ULC provides utility companies with a complete call center including with a dedicated manager and bilingual staff. Our meter program call center provides:

  • Custom Meter Program Management Software Developed by ULC
  • Appointment Scheduling and Automated Appointment Confirmation
  • Daily QA Follow-Up Calls and Prepaid QA Cards Mailed to Customers
  • Customer Contact Tracking
  • Real-Time Dispatching and Communication with Meter Crews
  • Completed Work Reporting
  • Annual PSC reporting for Non-Responsive Customers
  • Flat File Data Transfer
  • Multiple Dedicated Phone Lines to Accommodate High Volume Calls
  • Weekend Office Staff
  • Weekly Itemized Billing

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