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LNG Tank and Facility Drone Inspection Services

Drone inspection of LNG tanks and other facilities delivers accurate thermal and visual data so facility operators can ensure thermal efficiency and identify cold spots. Armed with ULC’s 20+ years of utility industry expertise, our UAS pilots are able to deliver real-time asset intelligence and the highest levels of safety.

lng tank drone inspection services

Key Benefits

01. 100% Data Capture

We collect a full 36thermal and visual capture of your LNG tank from optimal vantage points. Collecting general facility data will require additional flights.

02. Simplified Logistics

With no lifts or complex staging required to conduct our work, you spend less time on project planning and logistics.

03. Enhanced Safety

Drone-based inspection allow personnel to obtain and analyze data without needing to access lifts or scaffolding.

04. Same Day Data

In addition to our reporting, our team can provide raw thermal and visual data while we are on site.

05. Industry Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in the utility industry, our team delivers precise data while ensuring site safety. 

06. US-Built UAS

We conduct our flights using UAS that were developed and built by our team in the US to enhance safety and reliability.

Our team deploys purpose-built, fault-tolerant unmanned aerial systems, made right here in America.

US-Built UAS

Fault-Tolerant Design

High Reliability

Built-in Redundancy

Aerial Intelligence. Industry Expertise.

utility drone inspection pilot

Expertly Executed Flights

Our pilots and project managers conduct detailed project planning to ensure our flights are carried out safely and efficiently.

  • Airspace analysis
  • Pre-flight site visits
  • Authorizations and notifications
  • Flight plans and automated flight paths
  • Pre and post-flight checklists

Detailed Data and Reporting

Our team can deliver a wide range of thermal and visual data and customize reporting to meet the needs of your project. Additional reporting allows our team to create a digital twin of your LNG tank and surrounding facility:

  • Every pixel of thermal data is measured
  • Full 360° high-resultion views of the tank
  • Orthomosaic data, 3d models and topographic information

lng tank thermal drone inspection

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