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Live Gas Main Inspection Services

Our live gas main inspection services provide gas distribution companies and gas network operators with the comprehensive visual data needed to assess 2″-48″ pipelines for damage and signs of corrosion, as well as resolve poor pressure issues caused by water infiltration and blockages. The information obtained from our live gas main inspection services help gas utilities resolve issues quickly, with less excavation and prioritize maintenance activities.

Live gas main cctv inspection

Live Gas Main Inspection: Key Benefits

01. Reduced Permit, Excavation and Restoration Costs

Our camera inspection equipment enters your live gas mains through compact pits or low-cost keyholes and can inspect hundreds of feet of pipeline from just one access point.

02. No Disruption of Gas Services

We eliminate the need to shut off service to customers, saving you the hassle and cost of turn-ons and relights, purging the main, stopping off gas and performing main cutouts. Working in live mains also eliminates complaints from residential and commercial gas customers.

03. Most Advanced Equipment

Our crews utilize the patented PRX250 live gas main inspection camera system and our live gas main VGC systems to deliver a high quality and reliable visual inspection of your live mains.

04. Operator Qualified Crew

ULC Robotics’ live gas main camera inspection crews are operator qualified and highly trained to ensure work is performed safely and according to utility procedures.

05. Real-time Inspection Data

Inspections of live gas mains are conducted in real-time, allowing utility personnel to get immediate access to the visual inspection data that informs maintenance and repair activities. Detailed field reports and inspection video is made available in the days following the inspection.

06. Location Capabilities

The camera and crawler systems deployed by ULC Robotics are outfitted with specialized technology that enables the location of features seen inside the main to be located from above ground.

Need help right away? Blockages and poor pressure situations are common and ULC Robotics’ Live Gas Main Inspection Crews are typically available on short notice to help restore services and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Field Application of Live Gas Main Inspection

The real-time intellegence delivered by live gas main camera and crawler inspections helps gas distribution utilities and pipeline operators reduce risks, improve efficiency, lower costs and resolve a wide range of operational challenges. Below are some of the ways we help deliver value through our services:

Gas main tee cutter
Verify Plastic Tee Installations: ULC performed internal inspection of live 2″ plastic mains to verify if a tee’s cutter was fully protruded into the main to identify faulty installations. Our technicians inspected 286 tees from eight small excavations.

gas main water intrusion camera
Water Intrusion: Locating water in a gas main and identifying the source of infiltration can be a worrisome task for gas utilities to accomplish. With the water-tight design of the PRX250 Camera Head, our team has helped numerous utilities avoid costly guesswork and quickly resolve water blockages .

PE butt fusion inspection
Verification of Plastic Pipe Work: Our camera and crawler systems have been used to inspect plastic pipe fusions and coupling installations by looking for gaps and dripping plastic that indicate improper PE pipe work.

gas main valve inspection
Internal Valve Inspection: Our crews utilize our PRX250 Cameras and VGC  Systems to perform highly detailed assessments of valves and verify their location, type and position. In addition, camera operators can ensure the path of the valve is not blocked by debris and ensure proper functionality.

Gas Main Insertion CCTV Inspection
Pre-Insertion Inspection: Visual inspection is used to identify features such as offsets, drip pots, valves and protruding services that might block the PE pipe from reaching its desired location or damage the material while it is being inserted. Issues identified by our crews can be marked for removal or remediation prior to insertion.

Gas Leak Detection Camera
Leak Investigation: Live gas main inspection can aid in leak detection by performing a high resolution and detailed inspection of the pipe wall. Evidence of leaks can be found in the form of cracks in the pipe wall, visual evidence of corrosion or areas of active or past water intrusion locations.

Gas Main Third Party Damage
Locate Features/Damage Prevention: Prior to trenching alongside the gas main for replacement projects, our crews can identify unmapped features, unknown connections to the main and possible stub services so excavation contractors can safely carry out their work with less risk for third party damages.

Unlocatable PE plastic gas main
Unlocatable PE and Aldyl-A Pipe: ULC Robotics works with gas utilities to visually inspect unlocatable PE and Aldyl-A mains while simultaneously pinpointing the location of the main and its features. This can be recorded my marking out the street surface or by recording highly accurate GPS coordinates in our reporting.

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