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ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading developer of robotic technology and services for the energy and utility industries, has been named for the third time as one of the most noteworthy companies in the global robotics industry by Robotics Business Review (RBR).

RBR50 companies are recognized based on their groundbreaking applications, market influence, and industry potential. The list represents many different levels and facets of the robotics ecosystem.

“For this year’s list, our team had the daunting task of evaluating numerous competitive nominations. The RBR50 for 2017 represents the cream of the crop of the world’s most innovative, most influential, and most commercially successful robotics companies,” said Eugene Demaitre, RBR senior editor.

Chosen for the innovative work conducted in the previous year, ULC Robotics’ revolutionary systems continued to positively impact the energy and utility industry across the United States and the United Kingdom in 2016.

CISBOT – the cast iron joint sealing robot – continued to renew the aging energy infrastructure and prevent harmful methane emissions from escaping into the atmosphere and reduce costly excavations for gas utilities including SGN, National Grid US, Baltimore Gas, and PSE&G. The groundbreaking CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic System was completed, and the CIRRIS XI™ Inspection Robot was put into commercial use to take the first-ever pipe wall sensor readings from inside a live, cast iron gas main. This newly acquired sensor data is the first of its kind and will help gas networks calculate pipeline risk to improve the way pipeline rehabilitation, and replacement decisions are made while delivering social, environmental and cost benefits to gas customers.

The CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic System and CISBOT will collectively save gas utilities that implement the systems into their rehabilitation operations billions in pipeline replacement costs in the next decade.

ULC also introduced their Aerial Services division to conduct specialized UAV inspections of energy utility infrastructure. The UAV technology deployed by ULC will help the gas and electric industry transform the gas and electrical infrastructure inspection process and provide detailed data to increase the safety and reliability of their infrastructure.

“Being recognized by Robotics Business Review on the RBR50 list is an honor for our company,” said Gregory Penza, President, and CEO. “Our team takes great pride in knowing their innovations will positively impact our clients, their customers and the future of the energy industry for many years. ULC’s commitment to developing innovative, progressive and commercially viable robotic systems and processes will continue to grow and improve with the robotics industry. ”

The RBR50 spans ten countries and includes companies ranging from brand-new startups to the biggest robotics makers. The RBR50 list is dynamic, with robotics companies entering and leaving on an annual basis and thus creating a list that is indicative of where the global automation as a whole is headed.

As a key developer of trenchless technology and pipeline robotics, ULC is excited to be included on the RBR50 among esteemed companies such as ABB, Amazon, Samsung, iRobot and Alphabet, Inc. To view the entire RBR50 List visit: 

ULC Robotics

About ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics is a leader in developing and deploying innovative robotic technology and processes that help pipeline operators and energy companies repair, inspect and assess their infrastructure. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems.

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