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Waddon Road & Purley Way: Delivering on our Promises Through COVID-19

Through previous successful remediation projects with SGN, ULC Pipeline Robotics supported a 839m robotic remediation project in Croydon using CISBOT. Working across two road owners at Waddon Road and Purley Way meant that it was essential to maintain close communication with all stakeholders – SGN, London Borough of Croydon and Transport for London (TfL). The introduction of COVID-19 restrictions during the duration of the project created a challenge which was addressed through the support and guidance from stakeholders to allow ULC’s operational staff to continue safely delivering on our promises.


Through collaboration with SGN, ULC Robotics undertook a large-scale project to remediate gas mains in Croydon, London. This project used CISBOT to remove remediate a total of 251 joints in just over 20 weeks.

Waddon Road and Purley Way is situated around a major retail centre. The area receives a high footfall of South London traffic, retail customers, and hosts a number of bus routes. SGN would typically encounter challenges with replacing and maintaining their infrastructure in an area like this, including:

cisbot environmental benefits

The CISBOT project was completed within two phases due to the introduction of the UK Government’s COVID-19 restrictions throughout the planned duration of the project:

  • The first phase of remediation consisted of the robot travelling 326m inside a 20” cast iron pipe along Waddon Road through two launch locations. CISBOT successfully sealed 122 joints along Waddon Road, extending the asset life for up to 50 years.
  • The second phase of work planned for Purley Way encompassed the remediation of 129 joints, covering a distance of 513m inside a 24” cast iron main. Transport for London were communicated with significantly during this phase, due to both pit locations being located around the retail centre.

Additionally, ULC, SGN and TfL worked closely to support remediation work throughout COVID-19 after TfL granted an approval to continue working with enhanced cleaning, risk assessments and hygiene procedures in place.

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20 weeks

“SGN’s use of CISBOT at traffic sensitive locations such as A23 Purley Way is a great example of how innovative technology can minimise the impact of works, which aligns with our Roadworks Charter and TfL’s network management duty to keep London moving.”

Chris Morris, Works Assessment Manager for South London at Transport for London

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The works were carried out with no interruption to supplies or local network capacity. Due to the support from TfL during COVID-19 restrictions, the project was completed on time, with great reductions in resource requirements, time and cost. The use of CISBOT helps SGN improve large-scale projects in high profile locations to minimise disruption for their customers and the general public.

“Using CISBOT technology over the past seven years has really revolutionised roadworks. Robotic technology reduces the need for multiple excavations and trenches, reduces disruption on the roads and saves time and money, which is excellent news for motorists, our customers and the local community.”

John Richardson, Head of Innovation, SGN 


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