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Small VGC Live Gas Main Crawler Inspection System

ULC Robotics’ Small Variable Geometry Crawler (VGC) provides gas companies with live, high-resolution video inspection of medium diameter steel or cast iron gas mains. Using the Small VGC, gas companies can assess the conditions of their mains as well as locate cracks, damaged pipe, unknown branches, service tees, valves, fittings and water intrusion or debris. This inspection is performed while the main remains live without any interruptions in gas service.

Diameter Range:
12″-16″ / 315-400mm

Cast Iron, Steel & Plastic

Max Pressure:
99psi / 6.8bar

Min Drilling:
3″ NPT or 3.5″ Drilling

Camera Type:
Wide Angle, Pan/Tilt

Tether Length:
350′ / 105m

Small VGC: Key Benefits

01. High Resolution Pan/Tilt

With the onboard pan/tilt camera, the Small VGC allows gas utilities to perform a detailed inspection of the main and features within the main.

02. Reduced Excavation

The Small VGC is equipped with motorized navigation allowing the system to travel farther down medium diameter gas mains than push rod cameras. With this feature, utilities can inspect more gas main while reducing excavation costs.

03. Perform Live Inspections

The Small VGC is capable of launching no-blow into 12”-18” gas pipelines so service can remain live for customers and infrastructure maintenance costs stay as low as possible.

04. Locate Pipeline Features and Damage

In addition to being used for pre- and post-rehabilitation surveying, the Small VGC can locate features such as branches, cross tees, service lines, stub services and valves as well as pipeline damage.

05. Waterproof Design

The Small VGC is watertight, allowing the crawler to navigate pipelines and provide high resolution imagery even when there is some water present in the pipeline.

06. Gain Access to Valuable Pipeline Data

The pipeline data obtained using the Small VGC helps gas utilities assess the conditions inside gas mains and prioritize maintenance tasks.

07. Simplified Controls and Operation

Simple controls allow the operator to focus on inspecting the main rather than controlling the inspection crawler.

08. Optimal Camera Position

Once inside the main, the Small VGC pan/tilt camera is positioned in the center of the pipe to ensure a high quality inspection of the entire main, not just the bottom of the pipe.

High Quality and Reliable Inspections of Live Gas Mains

Live Gas Main Crawler

Gas Main Inspection CCTV

Gas Main Pan Tilt Camera

Gas Main Inspection Robot

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