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No-Blow Gas Tools Kit

ULC Robotics No blow tools kit and methods of operation convert routine pipeline maintenance activities which cause gas to blow to No Blow activities. ULC Robotics No Blow Tools have been designed to work with your existing tapping equipment on 4″ to 12″ cast iron and steel low pressure mains. The No-Blow Tools Kit includes equipment necessary to tap holes, install and remove stoppers, plug pipes and bypass piping.

no blow tools kit

01. Reduce Risk of Dropping Customers

Anytime that gas is permitted to blow there is some risk that customers may be dropped due to a sudden pressure loss. Eliminating blowing gas can reduce the likelihood that customers will be dropped during routine maintenance or construction activities.

02. Improved Safety

Gas escape puts workers, the public, and facilities at risk. In an age where safety is paramount, the risks associated with blowing gas can and should be avoided. Eliminating blowing gas will improve safety and reduce risk.

03. Reduced Environmental Impact

Methane is one of the key greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming and is thought to be responsible for nearly as much global warming as all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases combined. Eliminating blowing gas can help to reduce our carbon foot print and its associated impact on the environment by lowering levels of this powerful greenhouse gas.

04. Public Perception/Customer Satisfaction

A positive public perception and high level of customer satisfaction add value to gas distribution businesses. Improving safety and taking steps toward protecting our environment by eliminating blowing gas can improve both public perception and customer satisfaction.


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No-Blow Gas Tool Kit

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