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Gas Service Pressure Test Booster Box

Pneumatic Booster to Increase Compressor Output for Pressure Testing Gas Service Pipeline

New gas distribution service mains must be properly pressure tested to ensure all piping, fittings and connectors are pressure tight in accordance with gas utility specifications. This lightweight, pneumatic booster box allows gas mechanics to perform pressure tests by increasing the output generated by typical compressors on crew trucks.

pressure test gas service pipe

01. Simple Way to Increase Compressor Output

The Booster Box is able to take the input pressure from your compressor and output a pressure 1.8x higher so service lines can be tested at the correct pressure.

02. Compatible With Truck Compressors

Quick connect fittings allow the Booster Box to connect to a wide variety of utility truck-mounted compressors.

03. Eliminates the Need for HP Compressors

Our Booster Box increases compressor output up to 270psi, eliminating the need for costly high pressure compressors.

04. Eliminates the Need for Nitrogen

Crews equipped with the Booster Box do not need to purchase, store or handle nitrogen.

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