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DWX200 Live Gas Main Dewatering Camera System

From a major storm to water main breaks or ground water infiltration, pipelines that take on water result in operational issues and loss of service to customers. The DWX200 Dewatering Camera System from ULC Pipeline Robotics allows you to  rapidly locate and remove water from flooded mains. It’s time to take the guesswork out of water ingress response.

Diameter Range:
4″-12″ / 125-315mm

Cast Iron, Steel & Plastic

Max Pressure:
Low Pressure

Min Drilling:
1.5″ NPT or 1.75″ Drilling

Launch Type:
Angular Launch Only

Tether Length:
150′ / 45m

DWX200: Key Benefits

01. Reduce Costs

The system can travel hundreds of feet down the main so gas utilities can locate and remove more water from one excavation, saving on excavation and street restoration costs.

02. Improved Efficiency

The direct line of sight into the main helps crews rapidly locate and remove water from mains while ensuring resources are properly allocated during emergencies.

03. No-Blow Launch

Using our no-blow launch tube, the DWX200 camera head is able to launch into live, low pressure gas mains without any methane escape.

04. Improved Service Restoration

The improved flood response efficiency enables your crews to restore service to utility customers faster than ever before.

05. Integrated Venturi

Using a typical utility van compressor powered venturi, the DWX200 can remove water without the need for external pumping equipment.

06. Adapt to External Vac Systems

The DWX200 can also be connected to a variety of pumping systems ranging from drip trucks to drum top vacuums to mechanical pumps.

Next Steps

The DWX200 is US and International Patent Pending

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