Robotics-as-a-Service & Technology Deployment

Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy Companies

ULC Robotics supports the wind and renewable energy market through the application of our advanced robotic and aerial technology across solar and wind energy, both on- and off-shore. By developing and implementing robotic systems, AI and Machine Learning models and other technologies, we are able to provide enhanced data analytics for improved reliability and lower costs.

Our team is developing UAS that will fly from the shore to offshore wind farms

Deployed from strategic locations on the shore, our US-built UAS technology will continuously support offshore wind installations from siting through decommissioning. ULC’s VTOL UAS technology will reduce the cost and environmental impact of environmental monitoring, inspection, emergency response and more.

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AI & Machine Learning Development

ULC’s inhouse team rapidly develops and implements AI and Machine Learning applications to automate data processing and accelerate the delivery of actionable data.

Case Study: Using UAS and AI for Offshore Inspection

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Offshore Robotics and Technology Development

Our team is experts in the development and commercialization of robotics, sensors and technology within the energy industry. With both R&D and field services integrated into the same company, ULC Robotics is able to bridge the gap between innovation and business as usual.

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Documents, Case Studies and Links

ULC Offshore Wind Innovation: Capabilities Overview

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Case Study: Using AI & UAS to Inspect Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

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Ocean News & Technology: ULC talks safety, cost-savings and full-service aerial inspections.

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