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ULC Robotics, Inc. and Los Gatos Research Partner to Test New Aerial Gas Leak Detection Sensor at Stanford University Event

ULC Robotics

New UAS-based Sensor Tested at Mobile Methane Monitoring Challenge

ULC Robotics, a global leader in innovation and technology development in the energy and utility markets, and Los Gatos Research (LGR) participated in the Mobile Methane Monitoring Challenge hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative. ULC Robotics and LGR deployed their patented UAV-based sensor to identify the source of controlled methane leaks. The data obtained by the UAV and sensor will be compared to eleven other ground- and aerial-based technologies.

ABC News Visits New York City CISBOT Project

ULC Robotics

In a news segment that aired this month on ABC News, reporter Tim Fleischer highlights the work being carried out by ULC Robotics’ CISBOT robot under the streets of New York City. The benefits of deploying this technology are discussed through interviews with Con Edison Project Specialist Stephen Sweeney and ULC Robotics’ President Gregory Penza.

Watch the news segment below and read the full story on

New York Times calls ULC’s CISBOT “21st-Century Repairman”

ULC Robotics

CISBOT pipeline rehabilitation work with Con Edison highlights innovation and benefits to Con Edison customers

ULC Robotics’ CISBOT was recently featured in a New York Times article highlighting the robot’s work to rehabilitate the cast iron gas mains for Con Edison.  The article highlighted the innovative work carried out by the robot and the benefits of Con Edison using the system.

“The robot is also less expensive than the old methods of maintaining the mains. John Ciallella, Con Edison’s section manager for gas engineering reliability, said that hiring ULC Robotics for the work with the robot on West End Avenue cost $400,000. To do the job the way such work used to be done would have cost $1.5 million to $1.8 million, he said.”

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ULC’s Innovative Robotic Systems Receive Two UK Business Awards

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics’ CISBOT, CIRRIS XI™, and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic Systems have once again received accolades for their revolutionary technology in the gas industry. Last month, ULC’s UK Innovation partner, SGN submitted the collaborative robotics project into the nationally recognized UK Business Awards and received two awards in both the Innovation and Utilities categories. The robotics project, which began in 2013 and was completed in November 2015 competed against major UK Banks, telecom companies, and retailers throughout the UK.

Under the robotics project, SGN implemented the use of ULC’s CISBOT system in the UK to internally rehabilitate the cast iron pipelines within SGN’s network. The robot now operates on a daily basis for SGN in southern England and Scotland.

ULC Robotics, SGN and project partners RPS and DNV GL  developed the CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ as part of the larger robotics innovation project and developed the industry-leading sensor deployment process for assessing wall thickness and stress of a cast iron pipeline wall while under live gas conditions.

CISBOT, CIRRIS XI™, and CIRRIS XR™, of which all operations are maintained for SGN by ULC, are groundbreaking innovations for the gas industry that allow gas networks to determine the useable life of their cast iron pipeline assets and extend that lifespan through internal rehabilitation.

ULC’s Pipeline Robotic Systems operate in some of the largest cities in the world including New York, Boston, and London so gas networks can safely avoid costly and disruptive replacement of their large diameter iron gas mains.

The UK Business Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate exceptional business performance. Awards were presented across a wide range of categories including Financial Services, Retail, Utilities, Business Change or Transformation, Customer Centric Organization, Disruptive Business Model, Innovation, Inspirational Leader and Best Place to Work.

ULC Participates in The Mentor Project’s ‘Mentor for a Minute’ Program

ULC Robotics

On Saturday, December 9, ULC’s Project Manager Mike Passaretti welcomed two students to our company headquarters to give a hands-on day of learning on robotics and other innovative technologies.

The tour included information on ULC’s Aerial Services division and Robotics program.  Olivia and Eric learned that robots fly, go underground, into pipes, and solve big problems. 

Mike acted as the program’s ‘Mentor for a Minute’ and opened Olivia and Eric’s eyes and minds to the possibilities engineering offers.

“It was amazing to have Olivia and Eric here and show them the incredible things ULC’s engineers get to do on a daily basis,” said Passaretti.  “Passing on my knowledge to the next generation of makers was a fulfilling experience that was not only inspiring but entertaining as well. We had loads of fun!”

The MENTOR Project brings top leaders in the field of science and technology into the classrooms for weekly demonstrations, instruction, and mentoring. For more information visit:

NBC News Features ULC’s Vertical Take-Off and Landing Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial System

ULC Robotics

Our vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAS was featured as part of an NBC News segment on the multi-billion dollar growth in the robotics industry. We developed this unmanned aerial system from the ground-up to accommodate a range of utility applications including long-range inspection of electric and gas right-of-ways.

Watch the segment here:


gas utility UAS demonstration flights

ULC Aerial Services Team Conducts UAV Demonstration Flights for Pennsylvania Gas Utility

ULC Robotics

Gas transmission pipelines can run through almost any type of terrain. While some terrain is fairly easy to navigate, the process for inspecting pipelines in difficult to access areas is time-consuming, costly and can pose a safety threat to utility workers.

ULC’s Aerial Services team recently visited a Pennsylvania gas utility to conduct a series of unmanned aerial inspection flights to visually inspect gas pipelines located in hard-to-access areas and demonstrate the capabilities of the company’s H1000 Hexacopter UAV.

The customer identified four gas pipeline right-of-ways (ROWs) that needed to be inspected with two primary concerns. First, the pipelines which are located on the side of a mountain range and one at a river crossing needed to be visually assessed for vegetation management and encroachment. Secondly, the utility was concerned with the safety aspect of inspections for utility personnel.

Utility-Specific Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone Takes Flight

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics’ VTOL UAV for Commercial Applications in the Utility Industry Successfully Completes Flight Testing

Hauppauge, NY August 9, 2017 – ULC Robotics, Inc. is advancing the state-of-the-art in commercial utility industry aerial inspection after successfully flight testing a newly developed vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle last week. As a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, ULC Robotics’ commercial-grade VTOL fixed-wing UAV was specifically developed to meet the inspection needs of electric and gas utilities.

The UAV was designed and built from the ground up by ULC’s Aerial Services and engineering teams.  As a result, it is a powerful and versatile platform with a 10-foot wingspan and a sensor payload capacity of 10 pounds for conducting fully-autonomous aerial inspections and assessments of a variety of utility structures and properties, including electrical transmission lines, gas transmission pipelines, and right of ways.

New Hires at ULC Robotics, Inc. Signal Company’s Commitment to Innovation in the US and UK Energy Markets

ULC Robotics

Noteworthy Utility Industry Professionals Thomas Barracca and Sam Wilson Join ULC’s Business Development Team

Hauppauge, NY, June 21, 2017 – ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, is expanding its ability to provide the US and UK energy markets with innovative technology and processes by appointing two industry experts to the company.

CIRRIS XI and CIRRIS XR Receive Prestigious Gas Innovation Award

ULC Robotics

ULC and SGN Win Innovation Product of the Year at IGEM and EUA’s Gas Industry Awards

The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) and The Energy and Utilities Alliance recognized ULC Robotics and SGN at their annual Innovation Awards Ceremony held Tuesday, May 9th in London.  The companies were successful in winning the Innovation Product of the Year Award for the research, development, and deployment of the groundbreaking CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic System.

“We are honored to have the CIRRIS XI™  and CIRRIS XR™  System win the Innovation Product of the Year Award. It recognizes the development of the systems from concept to commercialization, “said Gus McIntosh, Innovation Technology Manager, SGN. “The commercialization of CIRRIS systems is groundbreaking in that it allows SGN to assess the integrity of the cast iron network providing safe, reliable service to customers.”

SGN’s Innovation Manager, Gus McIntosh and ULC’s Head of UK Business Development, Sam Wilson win IGEM and EUA Innovation Product Award.

The CIRRIS XI™  and CIRRIS XR™  are the result of a nearly two-year long project that would allow gas utilities to extend the life of large diameter cast iron pipeline infrastructure by internally assessing the condition of cast iron pipelines and then repairing and preventing gas leaks at the joints of cast iron gas main. To minimize disruption to the public, both of these groundbreaking robots can carry out their work in live gas mains.  The development of the robotic system was a partnership between the two companies based off of the successful launch of the CISBOT rehabilitation program in 2013.

“For more than 20 years, ULC has been working with gas and energy networks to provide them with cutting-edge, innovative robotic technology,” said Gregory Penza, President, and CEO, ULC. “Our systems are designed specifically to benefit gas and energy networks, their customers and the environments in which they operate. On behalf of the ULC and SGN Innovation teams, we thank IGEM and EUA for the recognition of the dedication put into the development of the CIRRIS Robotic System.”

The Gas Industry Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious events in the gas industry. Organized by IGEM and EUA, the awards honor the outstanding companies and people who make the gas industry great.

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