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ULC Robotics Makes UKSTT Awards Shortlist for Mains Remediation on Oxford Street

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics, leading Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions provider and developer for the energy industry, has been shortlisted for the UKSTT Awards in the Renovation – Energy & Communication Sector category. The UKSTT Awards is a prestigious event that recognizes those working to advance innovation in trenchless technology.

ULC Robotics was shortlisted for their work with Cadent, using CISBOT to remediate 1.3km of aging cast iron mains in the West End of London on Oxford Street, a high-profile location trafficked by 4 million people weekly. With just 12 excavations made, CISBOT renewed 357 joints under live conditions and extended the life of the critical pipeline which delivers gas to businesses and residents along the busy city street.

The winners of the UKSTT Awards will be announced on September 17th during a ceremony held at the De Vere Tortworth Court Hotel in Bristol. For more information or to see the entire shortlist visit the awards website.

Cadent: Students Learn With Robots in London

ULC Robotics

In partnership with ULC Robotics, Cadent is working to give engineering students hands-on experience maintaining and repairing the network’s critical gas pipeline across London. Through an apprenticeship program with Middlesbrough College, the two companies are appealing to new talent with their use of robotic technology— namely CISBOT, which works within live gas mains to seal aging or leak-prone joints.

At Cadent we’re keen to support initiatives to encourage the next generation of engineers and the importance of this particular work placement scheme should not be underestimated. Together with ULC Robotics, Cadent is giving young engineering students first-hand experience of working robots, a technology that’s likely to play an ever-increasing role in engineering projects. -James Harrison, Director of Cadent’s London Network

Launched in June 2019, the multi-partner program is helping to attract a variety of talent, ultimately keeping the energy industry at the forefront of innovation and ensuring a diverse talent pool. Read the full press release here.

PSEG Long Island Uses UAV Technology for Post-Storm Surveillance

ULC Robotics

Severe storms caused considerable damage and outages across Long Island this week, leaving more than 28,000 residents without power. Torrential rain and strong winds caused many trees to fall, some of which landed on powerlines located in the rear properties of residential houses.

Working with ULC Robotics, PSEG Long Island deployed an unmanned aerial system (UAS), or drone, to get a comprehensive look at problem spots in Levittown, NY, a town considerably affected by the storm.

“A rapid response time is critical when there are customers are without power,” said Mike Passaretti, Aerial Services Program Manager at ULC Robotics. “Our team was able to mobilize quickly, and was on site in under two hours, prepared to provide PSEG Long Island with a comprehensive view of all damage caused by the storm.”

With eyes in the sky and data collected from the flight, PSEG Long Island was able to quickly identify issues and better allocate resources to respond to the outages, thereby reducing restoration times.

Visit to watch the full video.



AGA Highlights ULC Robotics Technology in #NatGasInnovates Campaign

ULC Robotics

American Gas Association, the leading voice in natural gas, has featured ULC Robotics as the first in their #NatGasInnovates campaign, a series designed to highlight technological innovation within the industry.

Ryan McGowan, VP of Field Operations, was interviewed during the AGA Operations Conference to discuss how ULC Robotics is helping advance the natural gas industry through the development and deployment of cutting-edge technology, including unmanned aerial systems and inspection and repair robots.

Watch the full video below.

BBC: Made in America, Operating in London

ULC Robotics

BBC visited with ULC Robotics on New Cavendish Street, the site of a Cadent CISBOT project in London.

“Made in America, these state-of-the-art robots are deep underground, maintaining London’s gas pipes,” reported Alice Bhandhukravi of BBC. “Thanks to this technology, the work can be done without closing the roads.”

CISBOT rehabilitates large diameter cast iron mains under live conditions to strengthen UK gas networks and prevent future leaks.

“ULC Robotics was set up in New York to meet the growing challenges of the busy city, and it’s now doing the same here in Central London,” said Bhandhukravi. “This is one of thousands of US companies creating jobs in the UK, which includes tech giants expanding their footprint in the Capital.”

Facebook has doubled its workforce in the UK, with large companies like Google and Apple also planning on investing billions of pounds into transatlantic business. In just one year, US companies had been responsible for the creation of 24,000 jobs in London, many of which are in technology.

The segment can be viewed online at

Spire Deploys CISBOT for Safe, Reliable Delivery of Natural Gas

ULC Robotics

Spire is constantly looking for ways to improve the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to their customers. Through a partnership with ULC Robotics, Spire has integrated the use of innovative technology into their daily operations with the deployment of CISBOT, a cast iron joint sealing robot designed to reinforce the integrity of natural gas mains.

CISBOT operates under live conditions—meaning that customers stay connected to their gas service—and requires fewer crews and heavy construction equipment: efficiencies which help avoid costs for Spire customers.

“Using this technology, we’re delivering on our promise to customers to always provide a reliable system while keeping our rates as low as possible,” said Tim Goodson, Vice President of Operations at Spire.

Watch the video below to see how Spire is using ULC Robotics’ CISBOT technology to strengthen their network, prevent gas leaks, and extend the life of their large diameter cast iron mains.

ULC Robotics Announces Promotions to Support Growth of Business

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics is pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Danna to US Controller. Danna had begun his tenure in the ULC Robotics’ accounting department in 2017, bringing valuable experience from his time working for several small businesses, including time as the Controller for a private construction firm.

“Working at ULC has really opened the door for bigger and better opportunities,” said Danna. “I began working Accounts Payable, but have been able to steadily progress through a variety of positions in finance, ultimately leading to acting as the Controller for our US clients. It’s pretty exciting.”

Additionally, Jane Polack has been promoted from Junior Accountant to UK Controller. Polack joined ULC Robotics in 2018 after working in the accounting department at Perfumania, a local fragrance manufacturer.

“I love being able to work in such a supportive environment,” said Polack. “Everyone in my department pushes one another to work hard, and I feel as though I learn something new every day. Herman, our CFO, is great to work for and makes sure that we have what we need to succeed.”

Their individual professional experiences will help enforce strong financial policies, procedures, and controls within ULC Robotics’ transatlantic business.

“Matt and Jane are essential to our daily operations,” said Herman Kullar, Chief Financial Officer. “As ULC continues to expand, they’ll help us ensure that the financial element of the business is functioning at peak performance.”

David McLeod Appointed to IGEM Executive Board

ULC Robotics

David McLeod, Head of UK Business Development at ULC Robotics, has been voted on to the IGEM Executive Board. In this position, David, along with other senior representatives from the UK gas networks and key suppliers, take a leading role in steering the industry on all aspects including safety, knowledge sharing, and technical guidance.

“IGEM is a tremendously valuable organization for the gas industry in the UK,” says Robert Kodadek, Chief Technology Officer at ULC Robotics. “David’s appointment to the executive board will help ensure we fully understand the needs of the industry so we can continue to deliver valuable innovation projects and robotic services in the UK.”

Prior to joining ULC Robotics in 2018, David worked with SGN as an Innovation Delivery Manager and Engineering Operations Manager with direct involvement in improving operational performance, strategy, and growth of the gas network.

Robotics Business Review Recognizes ULC Robotics as Global Robotics Influencer

ULC Robotics

Robotics Business Review (RBR) has named ULC Robotics as one of the most influential companies within the global robotics industry for the fourth year running.

Each year RBR reviews hundreds of competitive submissions before selecting fifty of the most innovative and transformative companies that have achieved success in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. Each company is recognized for its success and potential within the industry, indicating the future of robotics as a whole.

For 2019, companies were selected from commercial and industrial robotics categories, including component makers, collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, artificial intelligence, healthcare and service robotics, and more.

Chosen for its groundbreaking work conducted in the previous year, ULC Robotics’ technologies continue to advance both the energy utility and robotics industries.

“We are excited to have been included in the RBR50 for 2019,” says Gregory Penza, President & CEO at ULC Robotics. “It is an honor to be named alongside so many influential and inspirational companies.”

To view the entire RBR50 list visit

ULC Robotics Honored for Overseas Growth

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics has been recognized by the BritishAmerican Business at their Transatlantic Growth (TAG) Awards ceremony as a top US small to medium enterprises in the UK.

The TAG Awards acknowledge companies that invest in the transatlantic economy, creating growth, prosperity, and employment opportunities on both sides of the pond.

“I am pleased to accept this award on behalf of all ULC Robotics employees,” said Graeme Cleeton, Vice President of UK Operations. “We are honored to have been recognized for our efforts in further expanding our business into the UK, as well as our growing success both here and in the States.”

For a full list of award recipients visit:

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