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New Hires at ULC Robotics, Inc. Signal Company’s Commitment to Innovation in the US and UK Energy Markets

Noteworthy Utility Industry Professionals Thomas Barracca and Sam Wilson Join ULC’s Business Development Team

Hauppauge, NY, June 21, 2017 – ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, is expanding its ability to provide the US and UK energy markets with innovative technology and processes by appointing two industry experts to the company.

ULC is recognized for its award-winning and cutting-edge robotic technology, innovation and R&D services for energy utilities that work to reduce costs while meeting the increasingly complex demands of regulators, energy customers, and the general public. To further enrich the company’s extensive experience in the US and UK utility markets, electric industry veteran Mr. Thomas Barracca has joined ULC in the US as the Business Development Manager for the company’s Aerial Services and Electrical R&D divisions. In the UK, experienced gas industry leader Mr. Sam Wilson has signed on as the Head of UK Business Development.

“In line with ULC’s strategy to enhance energy infrastructure, Tom and Sam’s backgrounds and expertise reinforces ULC’s engineering footprint by continuing to address the need for innovation and R&D in the utility industry throughout the US and the UK,” said Gregory Penza, President and CEO.

As Business Development Manager, Mr. Barracca will be responsible for identifying, defining and delivering new opportunities for ULC’s R&D and Aerial Services divisions.  Mr. Barracca’s engineering and utility industry background will ensure the value of ULC’s products and services are maximized among new clients, along with helping current clients learn more about the company’s other offerings.

Mr. Barracca brings more than 25 years of engineering, R&D and management experience from some of the Northeastern United States’ most noteworthy utilities. His prior roles include PSEG Long Island’s Vegetation Management Manager, Manager of Reliability Engineering for National Grid, R&D Manager at KeySpan Energy and Long Island Lighting Company’s (LILCO) R&D Program Manager.

Mr. Barracca’s career encompasses utility asset management and system reliability, electric transmission and distribution operations support,  as well as the development and implementation of innovative energy-related technology to enhance network infrastructure, reliability, cost effectiveness and customer service.

In the UK, Mr. Sam Wilson has joined ULC as the Head of UK Business Development.  In his new role, Sam is responsible for further establishing ULC as a leader in the UK energy and innovation markets and facilitating new product and service contracts that will allow clients to achieve their technology-related goals for in the UK utility industry. Prior to ULC, Mr. Wilson held positions at UK Gas Network SGN, Dunham-Bush Holding Bhd, and Defence Storage and Distribution Agency for the UK Armed Forces.

While at SGN, Mr. Wilson was the Innovation Project Manager responsible for implementing the use of new technologies for the gas network including the launch of ULC’s CISBOT in the UK.  He was also responsible for managing the two-year project to develop the groundbreaking CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic Systems.

The addition of Mr. Barracca and Mr. Wilson come after continuous growth for ULC Robotics, Inc.  The company’s CIRRIS XI™ Pilot Program with UK gas network, SGN is underway, and SGN and ULC are carefully planning the program through summer 2017. In addition, CISBOT, the cast iron joint sealing robot, continues to work daily for some of the world’s largest utilities including National Grid and SGN.

“Tom and Sam will be essential in our efforts to drive ULC’s innovation forward and execute our initiatives successfully,” said Penza.  “With ULC’s expanding operations and by investing in our workforce our commitment as an innovative provider of advanced robotic technology and processes for the US and UK energy industries is well-positioned, and we will continue to build upon those strengths.”

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