Robotics-as-a-Service & Technology Deployment

Industrial Companies and Other Markets

ULC Robotics works with world-class industrial and technology leaders to develop and deliver innovative robotic products and Robotics-as-a-Service for safer, more reliable, and greener solutions.

Concept to Commercialization of Industrial Robotics and Inspection Technologies

ULC Robotics partners with a broad range of industrial companies, energy companies and other markets to develop and commercialize new technologies including robotics, sensors, inspection devices and more. Our turn-key solutions also enable these technologies to be deployed through our services divisions. With both R&D and field services integrated into the same company, ULC Robotics is able to bridge the gap between innovation and business as usual.

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AI & Machine Learning Development

ULC Robotics rapidly develops and implements AI and Machine Learning applications to automate data processing and accelerate the delivery of actionable data. Data can be provided by your company or captured using our

Case Study: Using UAS and AI for Offshore Inspection

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UAS Inspection Services and UAS System Development

ULC Robotics partners with industrial companies and other markets to conduct UAS inspection of infrastructure and assets. Working with our US-built UAS and advanced sensors such as LiDAR and thermal imaging, our pilots deliver high-quality data while ensuring reliability and data security.

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Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System

Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System

SGN and ULC Robotics are developing an advanced robotic system that will conduct end-to-end roadworks including underground sensing, cutting the road surface, soft-touch excavation and operations on the buried asset itself. Learn more

Autonomous Mobile Robot Development

ULC’s team can develop and commercialize autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) designed to operate in a range of industrial environments. See one of our AMRs here.

AI Mapping and Inspection

ULC Robotics conducts routine and challenging inspection services and can process data using custom-developed machine learning algorithms. We’ve developed a range of machine learning applications such as this one for the electric utility market.

Documents, Case Studies and Links

Case Study: Development of 8.5mm Tall Robot for Motor and Generator Inspection

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Case Study: Machine Learning Development for Offshore Wind Foundations

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Other Markets and Sectors:

Gas Utility Companies

Electric Utilities

Offshore Wind and Renewables Industry

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