Robotics-as-a-Service & Technology Deployment

Natural Gas Utilities and Gas Distribution Networks

The deployment of ULC Robotics’ robotic systems and unmanned systems helps utilities lower costs while minimizing their impact on customers and the environment. Through the delivery of accurate, comprehensive data, we enable gas operators to transform the way their vital infrastructure is inspected, maintained and operated.

Robotic Remediation of Live Cast Iron Gas Mains

Our CISBOT robots enter the gas main through a very small opening in the street and travel hundreds of feet in either direction to remediate the leak-prone joints. ULC Robotics has multiple crews and robots working every day in cities such as New York, London, Boston and St Louis to deliver cost savings, reduced disruption and improved customer satisfaction to our utility clients and their customers.

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Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

ULC’s Aerial Services division is working with gas utilities to carry out complex and routine inspections. From under bridge pipeline inspection to uav-based methane detection and monitoring, our team is capable of conducting a wide range of services using our custom-developed aircraft and advanced sensors.

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ULC Robotics’ Long-Range VTOL UAS

Live gas distribution main inspection services

Our highly trained crews utilize our patented PRX250 camera system and propietary crawler systems to inspect pressurized gas distribution mains. ULC’s industry-leading technology transforms the way gas utilities manage their assets and solve problems.

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Our Capabilities: Natural Gas Utilities

gas main in-pipe locating

Eliminate 3rd Party Damages

Our In-Pipe Locating services enables our crews to identify and mark out the gas main and all features to ensure excavation contracts can excavate safely around your mains, services and stubs. Learn More

gas main draw down compressor

Gas Main Drawdown Compressor

ULC’s Drawdown Compressor utilizes cross-compression methods to eliminate the need for pipeline operators to vent or flare gas. Natural gas supplies can be transferred from an isolated section of pipe back into the active system.

Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System

RRES: Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System

SGN and ULC Robotics are developing an advanced robotic system that will conduct end-to-end roadworks including underground sensing, cutting the road surface, soft-touch excavation and operations on the pipe itself. Learn more

Robotics & Technology Development

ULC’s team of engineers, sensor scientists and machine learning experts continue to transform how pipeline operators and gas utilities inspect, repair and maintain critical assets. Learn more

m1 live gas main crawler system

M1 Live Gas Main Inspection Crawler System

ULC’s M1 Crawler enables the internal inspection of medium pressure large diameter gas distribution mains. The crawler was speficially developed to navigate past internal mechanical seals.

Automated Pressure Testing

Technology being developed and commercialized by ULC Robotics’ team of engineers will enable utilities to ensure building piping, services and mains are safe to operate and free of leaks.

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