Robotics-as-a-Service & Technology Deployment

Electric Transmission and Distribution Utilities and Power Generation Companies

From proactive asset inspections to rapid emergency response, our team of engineers, project managers, and UAV pilots use their extensive industry knowledge and a collaborative approach to deliver cost-effective end-to-end solutions for everyday operational challenges.

AIM: AI-Driven Utility Mapping

ULC Robotics’ AIM service combines machine learning and a vehicle-mounted data collection system to autonomously generate an interactive visual database of utility poles and assets, create GIS mapping and conduct inspection of the overhead electric distribution system to improve reliability and asset management while lowering costs.

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Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

ULC Robotics works with electric utilities to improve reliability, enhance safety and lower costs through unmanned aerial inspection services. From substation inspection and detailed tower inspection to emergency response, our team is capable of conducting a wide range of services using our custom-developed aircraft and advanced sensors.

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ULC Robotics’ Long-Range VTOL UAS

Breaker Racking Robot

ULC Robotics and Con Edison are developing an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) capable of racking medium voltage circuit breakers within electric distribution substations. Through remote-controlled driving and autonomous operations, the Breaker Racking Robot will carry out end-to-end breaker racking and storage to improve worker safety.

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Our Capabilities: Electric Utilities and Power Generation Companies

Cable Splicing Machine

During outages, the Cable Splicing Machine enables utility personnel to prepare the cable and install a Cold Shrink Cap or Live End Cap to improve worker safety and reduce the overall feeder outage duration. Learn More

Robotics & Technology Development

ULC’s team of engineers, sensor scientists and machine learning experts continue to transform how pipeline operators and gas utilities inspect, repair and maintain critical assets. Learn more

Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System

RRES: Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System

SGN and ULC Robotics are developing an advanced robotic system that will conduct end-to-end roadworks including underground sensing, cutting the road surface, soft-touch excavation and operations on the buried asset itself. Learn more

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AIM: AI-Driven Utility Mapping

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