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ULC’s X-ID Cross Bore Detection Technology Can Further Reduce Risks During Inspection Programs

Utilizing Acoustic Technology to Inspect Inaccessible Sewer Laterals

Cross bores have been identified as a high-level risk to the system integrity of utilities, creating the need for large scale sewer lateral inspection programs to identify them. However, conventional inspection programs typically access an estimated 70-90% of legacy cross bores*, leaving behind thousands of uninspected sewer laterals which can leave significant risks to homes and businesses. Through the deployment of our patent pending ULC X-ID Sensor technology, we can now return to these locations to inspect for cross bores from within the live gas main or service lines, eliminating the need to dig up the roadway or paved driveways at customers’ homes.

Dirt and debris, root intrusion, P-traps, collapsed pipe, offsets or other obstacles are some of the reasons why traditional inspections have been unsuccessful. ULC’s X-ID acoustic signal can surpass root intrusion and other common sewer pipe obstacles to begin clearing the large backlog of left behind cross bore inspections.

More about our cutting edge X-ID technology can be found here, or contact our team to discuss how we can work together.

*Percentage of cross bores accessed by conventional inspection programs identified through conversations with utility customers

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