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ULC Showcases CISBOT at National Grid’s Investor Day

Last week, Sam Wilson (Director of UK Operations) and Phil Pearson (Project Manager) headed to National Grid’s Investor Day with one of our 24” CISBOT systems.

The event took place at the ExCel London and consisted of several keynote presentations delivered by National Grid’s executive team. During a breakout session, National Grid’s New York President, Rudolph Wynter, highlighted the work our team supported with CISBOT to transform operations on their network.

national grid mechanical joint remediation

CISBOT enables gas networks to safely extend the life of bell and spigot (lead/jute) and mechanical joints with no disruption of gas service to customers, reduced environmental impact, and lower costs. National Grid has been utilising CISBOT to internally remediate 22 miles (35.5km) of jute-lead joints for more than 10 years.

Recently, National Grid hosted the first-ever U.S. deployment of CISBOT to remediate mechanical joints on their network in Queens, NY, after our team conducted an extensive R&D and testing project to expand CISBOT’s capabilities.

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