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BBC: Made in America, Operating in London

BBC visited with ULC Robotics on New Cavendish Street, the site of a Cadent CISBOT project in London.

“Made in America, these state-of-the-art robots are deep underground, maintaining London’s gas pipes,” reported Alice Bhandhukravi of BBC. “Thanks to this technology, the work can be done without closing the roads.”

CISBOT rehabilitates large diameter cast iron mains under live conditions to strengthen UK gas networks and prevent future leaks.

“ULC Robotics was set up in New York to meet the growing challenges of the busy city, and it’s now doing the same here in Central London,” said Bhandhukravi. “This is one of thousands of US companies creating jobs in the UK, which includes tech giants expanding their footprint in the Capital.”

Facebook has doubled its workforce in the UK, with large companies like Google and Apple also planning on investing billions of pounds into transatlantic business. In just one year, US companies had been responsible for the creation of 24,000 jobs in London, many of which are in technology.

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ULC Robotics is a leader in developing and deploying innovative robotic technology and processes that help pipeline operators and energy companies repair, inspect and assess their infrastructure. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems.

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