Work for ULC Robotics

For more than 20 years, ULC Robotics, Inc. has been a leader in research and development, field services and pipeline robotics innovation. We partner with our clients because we are committed to innovating and growing the energy and utility industries.

Our team is motivated, dedicated and thrives on developing industry-leading products and services that can transform the way our clients work. We foster a unique work environment that inspires employees to express their ideas and work collaboratively towards finding innovative solutions to problems.

Dynamic Work Environment:
Join our research and development, field services and office teams to solve complex problems in the energy and utilities industries. We build robots, inspect infrastructure and perform highly technical services to keep people safe and ensure a reliable supply of energy to homes and businesses.

We’re a Leader in Robotics:
ULC Robotics was named by Robotics Business Review as one of the top 50 most influential companies in the global robotics business. We build robots and deploy them in the field every day.

Latest Jobs

ULC is always looking for dynamic individuals to join our diverse team.  We offer competitive pay and an interesting work environment.