Robotics-as-a-Service & Technology Deployment

ULC Robotics is regarded as a pioneer in Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions and drone inspection for the energy, utility, and industrial markets. Since its start in 2001, the focus of ULC has always been the enhancement of utility operations and the support of infrastructure improvement.

We utilize proprietary technology, advanced machine learning algorithms, and top talent to conduct a range of field services. Our range of services helps our customers reduce operations and maintenance costs while meeting the increasingly complex demands of regulators, energy customers, and the general public.

We bring our 20+ years of experience and expertise into every project to deliver accurate data that actually matters.

Providing highly technical robotic and unmanned aerial services across in some of the most dense and challenging environments in the US and UK.

Staffed by utility subject matter experts, skilled engineers, innovators and highly trained field crews. We have the best minds in the field.

  • gas utility robotics
  • ABB Air Gap Inspector
  • m1 live gas main crawler system
    M1 Crawler
  • Autonomous Breaker Racking Robot
  • robotic roadworks and excavation system
  • AIM: AI-Based Utility Mapping


Gas Utilities

Through the development and deployment of robotic platforms that operate above and below ground, ULC Robotics enables gas operators to transform the way their vital infrastructure is inspected and maintained.

Electric Utilities

From UAS-based insection to the development of complex robotics, our team delivers cost-effective end-to-end solutions for everyday operational challenges in the power generation and electric T&D sectors.

Offshore Wind & Renewables

We support renewable energy through the application of our advanced robotic and aerial technologies and machine learning models to improve reliability, minimize environmental impact and lower costs.

Industrial & Other Markets

ULC Robotics works with world-class industrial and technology leaders to develop and commercialize innovative robotic systems and services for safer, more reliable, and greener solutions.

Our Mission

Responsible Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Responsible Innovation

ULC holds itself to the highest standards to provide its customers with cutting-edge technology to advance daily operations. Our practice of “responsible innovation” means that each product and service we create helps utilities minimize their environmental impact, reduce social disruption, and enhance community safety.

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