Innovation From Concept to Commercialization
Field Deployment of Advanced Technology


ULC Robotics is a leader in product development and engineering services for the natural gas, energy, industrial and electric distribution markets. We are committed to solving operations and maintenance problems while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving safety. ULC operates under four divisions capable of performing a wide range of specialized services to accommodate the industries we serve.

Research and Development

Our project managers, engineers and technicians are the best in the field at performing innovation projects – from concept to prototype, to field testing into commercialization. Commercialized solutions are then deployed under our Pipeline Robotics or Energy Services divisions.

Pipeline Robotics

Our technical field operations team specializes in the deployment, operation and field maintenance of complex robotic systems, inspection crawlers and camera systems.  We collaborate with you to ensure innovation becomes business-as-usual.

Energy Services

ULC’s highly trained crews perform daily field work involving no-dig, core-and-vac and keyhole processes to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. This division also performs turn-key meter exchanges, valve inspections and other technical services.

Aerial Services

ULC maintains and operates a fleet of professional and commerical-level UAVs under of our FAA 333 Exemption. Our certified pilot, program managers and engineers deploy our UAVs to provide high-quality visual and sensor assessments to help manage assets in unique ways that were previously unattainable. 


Award Winning Expertise

ULC Robotics and our clients have shared accolades for developing some of the most innovative products and processes in the energy industry. Some of our accolades include:

robotics business review game changer award




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