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UAV Agricultural and Vineyard Inspection Services

Our Aerial Services team obtains high-quality data on crops, vineyards and other applications using state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles, high resolution cameras and sensors. The data we collect inform crop managers of the health of their crops to ensure that agricultural businesses, farms and vineyards maximize yields and improve the quality of their harvests.

unmanned aerial vineyard inspection

Benefits of UAV Agriculture and Vineyard Inspection

01. Quickly Determine Crop Health

Specialized infrared and multispectral data can identify areas of the crop or vineyard that are stressed.

02. Increase Crop Yields

Unmanned Aerial Inspection data helps managers target their crop maintenance activities to increase crop yields.

03. Identify Crop Damage

Aerial imagery of crops, fields and vineyards help identify damage after storms to help target recovery efforts and estimate damages.

04. Pinpoint Irrigation Issues

Our team uses specialized sensors that identify areas which are getting more or less water than others as well as irrigation leaks.

05. Determine Crop Maturity

Instead of walking the fields or vineyard rows, managers get a birdseye view of the entire crop to determine what sections are ready for harvest.

06. Monitor Crops Over Time

Repeated unmanned aerial inspections allow managers to monitor and measure the improvements made to crops and vineyards.

High-Quality UAV Inspections of Crops and Vineyards

UAV Multispectral Vineyard Inspection

We Focus on Obtaining Useful Data: Our UAV Services team works with crop and vineyard managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data you need and how to report data back to you in a meaningful way. This process ensures that our UAV agriculture inspections result in useful and actionable data.

Diverse Payload Capabilities: Our unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of carrying high resolution DSLR cameras, infrared sensors and multispectral systems that allow our team to obtain specialized data. We can customize our UAVs or develop completely new unmanned aerial systems to perform specific tasks.

Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

UAV Agricultural Inspection

Full-Service Unmanned Aerial Inspection: ULC Aerial Services carries out detailed mission planning, data management and works with the FAA to obtain the necessary permissions to ensure UAV crop and vineyard inspections are carried out legally and safely.

Photogrammetry for Crop and Vineyard Management: Our Aerial Services team captures GPS tagged images and processes them to generate highly accurate 3D data for crop and vineyard managers to explore data in a whole new way.

UAV Photogrammetry Vineyard Agriculture

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