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ULC Robotics and SGN Unveil the Next Generation of Pipeline Robotics

ULC Robotics

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., November 23, 2015 – ULC Robotics, Inc. and UK Gas Utility SGN are proud to introduce the next generation of pipeline robotics – the CIRRIS XI™ and the CIRRIS XR™ Robotic Systems. These breakthrough robotic systems were strategically developed to allow gas utilities to extend the life of large diameter cast iron pipeline infrastructure. The systems, which are taking on one of the most challenging and sensitive pipeline environments, represent the next evolution of robotics in the gas industry, and are currently undergoing field testing in a live, cast iron gas main in London.

ULC Robotics, Inc. Wins Game Changer Award for CISBOT Robotic System

ULC Robotics

ULC’s Robotic Technology for the Repair and Rehabilitation of Cast Iron Gas Mains is Recognized as a Leading Robotics System in Construction, Mining and Energy by Robotics Business Review

ULC Robotics, Inc. was recognized by Robotics Business Review as a Game Changer Award winner in the Construction, Mining and Energy category for the company’s innovative CISBOT (Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot) Robotic System. The award recognizes CISBOT for its ability to efficiently rehabilitate large diameter cast iron gas mains with minimal excavation, minimal disruption to the public and without the need to disrupt gas service to local residents and businesses.

ULC is honored and excited to be recognized as one of Robotics Business Review’s Game Changer Award winners,” said Gregory Penza, president and CEO, ULC Robotics, Inc. “With the support of our customers we have been able to make CISBOT a very successful commercial operation and we will continue to develop game changing robotic systems to aid in solving difficult operational and environmental challenges facing the natural gas and energy industries.”

First CISBOT Project in Scotland Featured in Gas International Magazine

ULC Robotics

The first CISBOT project in Scotland was recently highlighted in UK-based organization IGEM’s Gas International Magazine. The CISBOT deployment, which was conducted on George Street in Edinburgh, was completed at the end of June.

“A Group of Scottish Section members visited a project which is enabling repairs to older gas mains from inside the pipe for the first time in Scotland.”

ULC Robotics, Inc. Names Herman Kullar Chief Financial Officer

ULC Robotics

Harmandip Kullar has been named the Chief Financial Officer for ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading robotics, energy services, and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries. In his new role, Kullar is responsible for overseeing the financial responsibilities for the Company. He will also spearhead the development of best practices in the areas of financial planning and analysis, finance and cash management, and executive management and strategy.

CISBOT Travels Under Iconic George Street in Scotland Repairing Gas Infrastructure

ULC Robotics

US-Based ULC Robotics’ CISBOT Robot is Deployed Underground for UK Gas Utility SGN

ULC Robotics, a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, has deployed its Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot (CISBOT) for the first time in Scotland on iconic George Street in Edinburgh. Similar to Fifth Avenue in New York City, the visitors and high-end shop owners along George Street are not likely to notice CISBOT because the robot is virtually invisible.

Gas Main Rehabilitation

ULC Products Highlighted as Innovations in Trenchless Technology

ULC Robotics

In the April 2015 issue of Trenchless Technology Magazine, ULC Robotics’ CISBOT (Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot)and CCTV inspection systems, such as the DWX200 Dewatering Camera, were featured in a new installation of the Trenchless Technology Innovations feature. George Ragula, past chairman of the North American Society of Trenchless Technology, updated readers on Gas Industry Innovations and ULC’s products were a highlight of his update.

ULC CISBOT Utilized to Repair and Prevent Gas Line Leaks in Brooklyn, New York, Infrastructure

ULC Robotics
ULC Robotics Inc.’s CISBOT technology is being used to make critical repairs in live cast iron gas mains without excavations and cessations of service.

ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, has deployed its advanced Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot (CISBOT) technology into a live, large diameter cast iron gas main for National Grid in the Bay Ridge area. Unlike other methods of rehabilitating or replacing cast iron gas mains, ULC’s CISBOT technology enables gas utilities to repair leak-prone joints while minimizing excavation and disruption to the public.

ULC Robotics Ranks Among Top 50 Global Robotics Companies

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics has been recognized as one of the 50 most influential companies in the global robotics industry by Robotics Business Review. Every year, the RBR50 highlights the movers and shakers that are delivering innovation, developing new applications for robotic systems or showing commercial success or potential. The team at ULC Robotics is honored to be included on this list alongside other leaders in the robotics industry such as Google, iRobot, Amazon and ABB.

New ULC Locating Technology to Eliminate Third Party Damage for Orange and Rockland Utilities

ULC Robotics

Orange and Rockland Utilities has taken a significant step forward in their effort to eliminate third party damages by utilizing the most advanced natural gas main locating and mark out service. The locating technology, which is developed and deployed by New York based ULC Robotics, is able to produce highly accurate locating and mark out of the gas main along with all pipeline features so excavators can safely work near gas mains.

“On the first day we marked out two gas services and identified gas bypass piping that was not marked out by the previous utility locate contractor,” says Ryan McGowan, Director of Field Operations at ULC. “This goes to show that even just one day on the job with this technology can significantly reduce third party damage.”

Over the next several months, ULC crews will be locating and marking out small diameter Aldyl-A gas mains that are set for replacement in multiple locations in Orange and Rockland Counties. The gas utility locating service will pinpoint the exact location of the gas main along with all services, cross tees and branches without the need to rely on outdated or incomplete utility maps. In addition, ULC’s utility locating services are being utilized to pinpoint the location of other types of gas mains in areas where other locating methods have not produced satisfactory results.

ULC’s locating and mark out service pinpoints the location of the main along with all pipeline features such as services, stub services, taps, cross tees, branches, drip pots, joints and more.

“One of the biggest challenges for every gas utility is preventing third party damage,” says Gregory Penza, President at ULC Robotics. “Orange and Rockland Utilities has risen to this task by taking the extra precautions needed to greatly improve safety for utility workers, contractors and the public.”

Typical methods used to mark out underground utilities prior to pipeline replacement projects which rely on outdated or incomplete maps or can be off the mark by several feet don’t provide the accuracy and level of detail needed to ensure safety and efficiency. With this improved locating technology, which is developed and deployed by ULC, the New York based gas utility will have the mark out required by excavation contractors to effectively eliminate third party damage caused by mislocates and partial locates.


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